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Best Practice of Pilot CSP Projects New Building and Operation Management

The China CSP New Build Summit 2017

China's CSP industry has experienced many years of groping forward, and finally ushered in the dawn. With the 1.15 RMB / kWh FiT and the list of the first 20 CSP demonstration projects announced, in 2017 it has officially entered the era of CSP pilot projects new building and operation phases, and the global CSP market center began to turn to China.

In China's "13th Five-Year plan" of the power development, it clearly sets up the target that 5 million kilowatts CSP projects will be newly built by 2020, with promising market scale reaching around 150 billion RMB. At the same time, the government began to increase the support to the CSP industry development in China, by means of providing CSP companies with tax relief, financial subsidies, green credit, land concessions and other favorable policies to assist the development and rise of China's CSP industry. Read more...


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Key Highlights of CSPNB 2017

Most Efficient and Pragmatic Business Platform for China's CSP Industry Communication

20+ Authoritive Speakers, 300+ CSP Industry Elites Coming on Board

Policy Analysis and Latest Development of Pilot Projects Introduction

Depth Analysis of Difficulties and Solutions of CSP Project Design, Construction, and Operation Management

Core Equipment Reliability Assurance and Advanced CSP Technology Exchange